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Learning Spaces – Lernwelten.

Learning Spaces – Lernwelten is the largest international bibliographic research database on learning space development and trends. It covers publications on all education institutions, from schools, over universities to adult education, including libraries and museums, especially in Anglo-American countries, Germany, and Scandinavia. The database uses the open source reference manager Zotero as a search platform..

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Search Manual for the Zotero Database

The project has been initiated by Prof. Dr. Richard Stang for the Learning Research Center at Media University Stuttgart, and is curated by Stefan Volkmann (library- and information management,

Database structure:

1   Facet between
visually inspiring, and
theory & research
2   Physical Spaces & Institutions – schools, universities, libraries, adult education, etc.
3   Digital & Hybrid Spaces
4   Design and Architectual Aspects
4.2.4   Information Technology Integration   Mobile Devices
4.5   Service Design
5   Organizational, practical and methodic aspects
5.1   Policy & Strategy
5.2 / 5.3 organisational & cooperation structures
5.4   Project Cycle & -Management
5.5   Stakeholder-driven Innovation
6   Learning types and demographic change
7   Stakeholders – Learners of all ages, teachers, practitioners, designer, and decision makers
8   Languages – especially English, German, and Scandinavian
9   Countries and Regions
A detailed build-up of the data, including publication type, document language, represented region and type of institution can be found in the Learning Spaces – Lernwelten. Release Notes.
For more complex search operations, we recommend joining the Zotero group, and synchronizing the database locally with the Zotero Standalone client. This also allows exporting the data.